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– Internal Appeals Policy

You have the option to appeal against the charge you have received. However, we would issue the following guidance should you wish to pursue this course. A parking charge is issued if a vehicle is parked in contravention of the advertised conditions on property we own, lease or have been contracted to patrol.

Please be aware that our signage meets or exceeds the requirements of the International Parking Community codes of conduct. However, if you feel you have grounds for appeal, please do so within 21 days of issue. Should you wish to pursue an appeal, please ensure your appeal contains the following information or we will be unable to process it:

 Your PCN number

 Your name and full postal address including postcode

 Whether you were the driver, keeper or hirer of the vehicle on the date in question (we cannot consider an appeal without this information)

 Your vehicle registration number

 The date of the contravention

 Any copies of evidence you have to support your appeal

 Your contact telephone number and email address


Writing your appeal.

When writing your appeal please ensure that 21 days have not passed from issue date. Please further ensure than your reason is detailed and includes all data and evidence that you feel is relevant. Our appeals department will respond within 28 days by email or post with a decision. The payment WILL NOT increase whilst a decision is being made if the appeal has been made within the reduced payment period (14 days from issue).

The options for appealing are as follows:

          Email: Appeal@hancp.co.uk 

Our website portal: www.hancp.co.uk 

Post: Have A Nice Car Park ltd Lynchett House 13 Freeland Park Wareham Road                       Poole, Dorset BH17 6FA

*Please note, electronic methods are the fastest and safest way to get your appeal heard and dealt with.

In the event of an unsuccessful appeal, you will be provided with contact details for the Independent Appeals Service with the option to take the appeal further.

A summary of motorist obligations can be found within the International Parking Community’s publication called “Marking the Lines: Addressing the Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019 and the Importance of Protecting Private Land”

If you have any queries regarding collection of personal data please refer to our Privacy policy: https://www.hancp.co.uk/448718526

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